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Healing Sessions

What is it about?

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my experience.jpg

My Experience

The tools that I share with others have been taught to me by a number of teachers, and integrated in my own healing journey. They are not new, simply adapted. Because this kind of process is experiential, in order to share it, it is required to learn first-hand what it means to go through a healing process. Only then is it possible to develop true empathy and compassion. The personal work is ongoing, and a continual reminder to stay grounded and humble.


The basis of the healing work is Tantra. It is also informed by my experiences as a patient in Psychotherapy, and the Grinberg Method, my journey in Biodanza, and a professional in the world of Performing Arts.

The Principles

There is so much to say, but a way to put it in short would be as follows: through this work

  • We return to the present moment, as it is the only way to truly transition from the mind to the heart.

  • We agree to explore the world of meditation.

  • We let go of what no longer works for us, and recall the true connection of all parts: mind, body, and soul.

  • We learn, progressively, to connect with ourselves and take responsibility of our emotional and energetic body (with industrial amounts of compassion), and

  • We study the relationship between our subconscious self and the world that surrounds us, living from the inside out.


It is not easy, it often means stepping outside of the comfort zone. It is process oriented, so being in a rush doesn’t work. But it’s worth it!

Spiral Stairs

The Tools

  • Dialogue- opening up to the more vulnerable parts of ourselves, communicating with honesty

  • Emotional Work- releasing stuck emotions, allowing discomfort, letting go of shame

  • Body Work

    • Healing Touch- energy healing through compassionate healing touch

    • Chakras and Breathing- mapping/balancing the chakras and breathing exercises

    • Sex and Alchemy- a safe space to open up about sex, and learn a healing way to explore it*

  • Meditation- befriending it, and integrating it into our daily routine

* The intimacy work within the sessions can include yoga movement, emotional release, firework (through dancing, moving, meditating), and breathing. Insight on sex and intimacy is given to take home and practice in your own safe space.

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