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The Practice

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” Rumi

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My Journey

My Journey

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For as long as I can remember I used to live in suffering. Ever since I was a little girl, I recall myself jumping from one crisis to the next, with occasional intervals of stability. I was under the impression that such was life, and that I simply had to resign myself. But existing this way started becoming unsustainable, and a few years ago the crises began to grow exponentially.

I saw myself spiraling down, falling apart, touching rock bottom.


I was deeply depressed, and my self-esteem was down the drain. I was angry. I developed eating disorders, anxiety, panic attacks and burnout. I began to have suicidal thoughts, which I would then dismiss, telling myself I was too much of a coward to take a step anyways. I became profoundly insecure, bitter and ashamed. I thought all of this was normal! My family life, my love life, my health, my finances, my friends, my career…all in shambles. I was miserable. I kept trying

to hide it from myself, lived in denial, until the suffering became so extreme there was just no way to ignore it anymore.


But things took a turn, they transformed…life became sweet, step by step. I discovered I was capable of joy.


From a very young age the healing force was there, slowly manifesting, always ready to jump in at any opportunity

I gave it. At first I didn't pay attention, and chose to avoid stepping out of my comfort zone. It has taken time to allow

the light to come in. It has taken a lot of work, there are no quick fixes to healing ourselves in depth. It has taken courage to face my demons and learn what it really means to take responsibility over my own happiness. And it has taken

a number of blessed teachers and experiences for me to acquire the resources and toolbox, finally make the shift,

and now guide others in their journey.

It has been worth it one million times over!


Now I live life with purpose, and ever growing joy. More and more, I discover the meaning and experience of love,

of blissful inner peace. More and more, through the work, I value myself and those around me. And my wounds,

slowly but surely, are healing and becoming a source of  growth and transformation instead of suffering.


I am here to tell you that you can do it too. You are deserving of LOVE!

The Pratice

Emotional Healing

Holistic Mind-Body-Soul Practice | Energy Work | Tantra | Meditation

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