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The Type of Work

The Three Components

Abstract Structure

Shadow Work

Depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, grief, addiction,
eating disorders, anger, limiting beliefs

Our darkest sides are manifestations of unresolved trauma and pain that have hidden in our emotional (and physical!) body and our subconscious mind. Shadow work is the process by which we bring what is hiding into the light, and release what has been stuck by allowing ourselves to connect to the discomfort that we usually run away from.

Red Work

Intimacy, sexuality, boundaries, drive, creativity

Intimacy, closeness, connection, are necessary to us humans. We need each other. We have increasingly led ourselves to isolation and loneliness, and now we need to learn our way back. Through compassion and by learning to take responsibility of our journey, we return to belonging, which is our natural state.


Sex is an intrinsic part of our human experience, and a portal that can equally lead both to trauma and to healing as well. It is a great taboo, while at the same time massively trivialized by porn, movies, and social media. Exploring our relationship with our sexuality from a place of light and sacredness is a fundamental aspect of our growth and wellbeing.

Temple Candles

Light Work

Self-healing practice, sense of purpose, sense of belonging, connection to nature, connection to the body, meditation, intuition

As dim as it may feel sometimes, there is light inside every one of us. Fostering it through consistent and simple personalized practices is very important. There are many ways to meditate, for each individual it is different. Meditation is at the center of all truly transformational processes.


Intuition is an invitation, through meditation, to shift perspectives from rationalizing to sensing and feeling. This invites an opening to our Higher selves, to a new way of containing our mind, of relating to our emotions, of communicating, and of making decisions altogether.

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