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Emotional Healig


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What is This?

In a nutshell

In the midst of our pain, it is hard for us to see that the great source of our suffering lies in our sense of disconnection and isolation, and the perception that we are not being held, that we are not Loved. This happens when we grieve loss, face addiction, battle with extreme emotional imbalances, become ill, live in a state of survival and scarcity, struggle with loops of self-hatred and self-deprecation, and repeat unhealthy patterns in our relationships and social dynamics. Life can be brutally lonely sometimes.


Healing is the process through which we transform energy (alchemy) so that what is locked or suppressed inside can be unleashed and set free. It is the journey through which we find the reconnection to Love inside and out, which we are all inherently capable and deserving of.

We all need to unlearn the patterns and templates that have led us to suffering. This can be done by engaging

on deeper levels with our subconscious mind and our inner child, by agreeing to meet one on one with our pain,

and by connecting with the more concealed aspects of our emotional, physical, and energetic bodies. This is called shadow work.


I work with people who are in different places in life. I seek to adapt to where they are, what they need, and what they can work with. I help people navigate anxiety, depression, rage, intimacy related issues, grief, limiting beliefs and low self-esteem, providing them with a toolbox that combines physical, emotional, and mental resources

to better understand and experience their journey.


I love giving space to people who struggle to fit in a box or find their place. Life and relationships are both mirrors that reflect where we are deep inside, and what direction we need to take in order to evolve. I work intuitively,

I believe in Spirit, and I use the chakras as my guiding map to balance energies.


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Who am I?

The truth is that I don’t know


Countless times I have fallen apart and risen up again, and that I’ve learnt there is an art to it, a journey. I suffered from clinical depression, addiction to food, suicidal thoughts and a dangerously low self-esteem, and I have found my way back from it. I can tell you that there is profound joy on the other side of suffering, and it takes both courage and surrender to tap into it.


Like everyone, my background is complex, full of pain and glory, color and shadows. I’ve lived in different places, I’ve studied, I’ve worked, I’ve loved, I’ve lost…and yes, I’ve recovered.


The politically correct side: I was born in Israel, grew up in Colombia, and I lived in France for many years. I studied and worked in performing arts for long time, until I returned to Israel and pivoted into peacebuilding and conflict resolution. I went back to study and worked in environmentalism and diplomacy, and learned about the challenges of social development mostly through water management. But slowly, progressively, the world of healing found its way to me, and as I started to feel better and better, I delved into the inner work and never looked back. Now it is my life.


The ugly side: Throughout the years had anyone filmed me at my worst they’d think I belong in a mental institution. At one point I was officially diagnosed with clinical depression, I’ve had periods when I had recurring suicidal thoughts and very unhealthy relationships with food, sex, work, money, my body…the lot.


Despite my efforts, I repeatedly spiraled into a place where I was unable to make anything work. I couldn’t hold a job, keep a home, or make money. My relationship with men was extremely unhealthy,  I had a hard time making friends, and drama seemed to follow me everywhere. I was unstable on every level, experienced burnout and profound periods of grief.


I’ve been utterly lonely and I have gotten very, very lost in life. Today there are still shadows inside me that I am learning to bring to the light…a foul temper, an insecure and manipulative little girl, a beast seeking to survive.


The bright side: Finally, I can breathe!!! The thing is I found Masters to teach me, I found my practice, and I found my path to Love. As I continue, every moment that has felt useless gains meaning and value, the darkness slowly fills with light.


It has taken years of dedicated and continuous work, and numerous stages of integration. I discovered it is inside, the Love, and I continue to discover it every day anew. I do not feel depressed, I have learned how to navigate adversity and no longer drown. I am not suicidal, I cherish being alive. I wake up wanting to exist, and play, and learn to Love. I feel humbled. I am healing, more, and more, and more!


Who is This For?

This is ideal for you if

1. YOU'RE IN CRISIS AND YOU'RE READY FOR CHANGE - You’re struggling to make sense of your life and you’re looking for guidance to figure it out. - You haven’t fully processed your grief, or traumas from the past which are ongoing. - You suffer from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, but you believe change is possible. - You feel like you don’t fit in, or you don’t belong, you’re homesick but you don’t know where home is. - You feel disconnected from your body, and you crave that connection too.

2. YOU'RE SEEKING FOR SOMETHING NEW - You’ve done traditional therapy and you sense you need a deeper, somatic journey with your body, your emotions, and your soul that you’re ready to further explore. - You believe in meditation, but seek guidance to learn how. - You crave to connect with your intuition. - You want to include spirituality in the conversation, and how it translates into your own life. - You want to talk about sex and intimacy, and heal from your wounds without shame. - You’re open to meeting your shadows and your pain, and learning to take responsibility. - You’re open to energy work.



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What type of sessions do you do? I offer individual sessions, couple sessions and group sessions as well.

What happens in an individual session? A session is usually comprised of a combination between talk therapy and body work. Talk therapy is crucial as it helps us clarify where we stand, what underlying beliefs and repeating patterns we are reproducing, and where there is resistance. Communicating via dialogue helps us be reminded that we are not alone. Body work is comprised of different things. More and more people use the term “somatic” therapy or healing as they understand that body, mind and soul cannot be separated. We disconnect from our physical experience (specially in this Western, modern lifestyle) as a mechanism to avoid discomfort and suffering, which is actually stored in our bodies. Coming back to our physicality is crucial not just to heal and recover from trauma, but also to thrive and live a fulfilling life. In this context body work is used to tap into emotions and help energy flow more effectively. It most often translates into healing touch (in person sessions- intuitive, based on chakras, fully clothed), but it also includes yoga, energy release exercises and somatic exercises to release sadness, anger, fear, pain in general.

What happens in a couple's session? More on this coming soon!

What happens in a group session? More on this coming soon!

Where do you work? Currently sessions take place at The Clinic (visit, a wonderful holistic space on 12 Levontin St, Tel Aviv. Online sessions for people both locally and abroad are also available.

How long does a session last? Typically a session (both individual and couples) lasts 1h30. Group session durations vary, depending on the context. Note: online sessions last 1 hour.

What is alchemy/energy work? Energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed. Energy work is the alchemic process through which we allow the darkness to become light, fear to become Love from the inside. We all have the innate capacity to experience this, our task is to learn to get out of our own way. It’s a challenging feat, because it means we need to undo the generational karma that inhabit us, and reach the core of our own wound which is experiential, emotional, physical, beyond our rationale. We need to face our ego, our fears, our traumas, and commit to navigating our pain without resistance.

What is shadow work? Shadow work is the aspect of energy work that deals with our subconscious hidden parts, which we develop as mechanisms to survive. When we do shadow work we agree to see the world as a direct mirror of what is dormant inside us, no matter what that is. We learn to experience emotional triggers fully, without judgement. We learn to see the stories we create, and release our identification to them. This requires a lot of practice and bravery, since taking responsibility of our shadows is usually preceded by walls of resistance that our ego has created in order to hide them. It is a profound encounter with our emotions and subconscious archetypes. All of the work needs to be guided, held by meditation. Meditation is at the center of energy and shadow work. It is the most healing practice, the highest medicine.

Meditation More on this coming soon!

Why is meditation so difficult? More on this coming soon!

Sexuality More on this coming soon!

Spirituality More on this coming soon!

Do you have a certificate? No. I have BA in Performing Arts from the Universite Rennes II (France), and an MA in Conflict Resolution from the University of Tel Aviv. The previous and ongoing training that I have undertaken in Tantra, meditation, and energy work practices has been the most intensive, intense, and committed of my life. It IS my life.

What’s the point of your work? There is no way to avoid clichés with this answer. Healing, inner work, a journey towards a higher consciousness, expansion, there are a million different ways to describe the processes of growth we experience. The bottom line regardless of our individual beliefs, is that we all want to feel good at the end of the day. But this is not a straightforward process, because our emotional blueprints are complex and need to be unraveled. The laws of our inner world are opposite to those on the outside, filled with paradoxes that are not easy to comprehend. A life of authenticity through practicing meditation, diving inwards, radical acceptance, shadow work, alignment and reconnection with our higher essence, is the invitation. Feeling genuinely good comes from making peace with all unresolved aspects of ourselves, integrating and embracing our pain and discomfort, letting go of our need to succeed and react, agreeing to feel the shittier, not-so-good, not so sexy parts of us as well. FIRST we learn to feel better (by agreeing to feeling all our feelings), and THEN we take action in the world.

How do you work with Chakras? More on this coming soon!

What is Tantra? More on this coming soon!

What is Emotional Healing? More on this coming soon!

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