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Emotional Healig

About Me

Like you, I’ve had my struggles. Half of my life I’ve spent banging my head against the walls, drowning in self-hatred and shame, battling depression and solidifying self-destructive patterns on survival mode. It has been a shit show of anxiety with profound physical, emotional and mental repercussions.


The other half I’ve spent exploring, experiencing a level of intensity I did not imagine was possible. It has been scary, rich, chaotic, colorful, astoundingly beautiful, full of music and poetry. And somewhere in the middle of it all, I’ve discovered bliss and an incredible path of healing and trust.


Healing is real. It happens when we learn to be fully present in our lives, truthful, raw. It finds us in the midst of our most remote and acute pain, once we are willing to face our monsters and let the light in.


I’ve died and been reborn many times over in this lifetime. I’ve worn many different hats, lived in different places. I’ve been completely lost and alone. I’ve found Love and Compassion. And now I am here with you.

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Homeostasis is the process through which our body, through its incredible self-healing attributes is able to restore balance and wellbeing from within. Reflexology is a practice that abides by homeostasis, helping the body by both stimulating and relaxing remote points in the feet, hands and face called reflexes. These reflexes correspond to different aspects of our body that we can help reach indirectly.


There are different types of reflexology and within each type there is a vast world of information pertaining practices, maps and methods. I offer foot treatment exclusively (Western), and combine techniques from different foot readers and reflexologists. I align my practice as a reflexologist with years of energy healing experience to help you relax, release, and regather yourself.

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: 300 nis

Energy/Emotional Healing

Based on holistic Tantra meditation and healing traditions, I serve as a guide for people seeking for answers and a better life. It’s not that I have the answers, it’s that I have experience asking the right questions, learning to find the short circuits, practicing energetic alchemy, working with the shadow and the wounded inner child, breaking unhealthy patterns, exploring intimacy and vulnerability, and ultimately learning to experience life from a healing perspective. Everyone has that power, we just need to be reminded the way sometimes.


I combine talk therapy and body work (mostly intuitive chakra based healing touch) and guide you in a path of emotional release, meditation, and insight for you to navigate your hardships and feel better, more empowered, more joyful and connected to your heart.


Duration: 2 hours

Cost: 450 nis

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Couple Healing Sessions

Sometimes couples need space to do the work. I offer an alternative to traditional couple's therapy, a holistic approach where anger, fear and frustration can be felt, where communication can be reestablished with compassion and transparency, where intimacy can be studied with curiosity, and where body work is also included. 

More information on this coming soon...

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: 500 nis

Soldiers and
War Related Trauma

During the first four months of the war in Israel I focused my efforts on volunteering healing energy for the soldiers at the bases all over the country. At first I feared my treatment would not be relevant, but very soon I realized how necessary and powerful it was.


This experience transformed me, it connected me to the soldiers on a cellular level and filled me with a sense of drive and purpose. Since then I have felt called to work with those struggling to transition from the field back to civilian life.


Trauma and PTSD prevention are a well known priority nowadays, but in order for healing processes to be effective they must combine somatic and cognitive approaches, which isn’t always the case.


I am available to work with individuals and groups seeking alternative treatments in this unprecedented time, where there is a lot of pain, grief, uncertainty, rage and fear to be processed.

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  • Where do you do sessions?

    • At my home in Tel Aviv

  • What languages do you offer sessions in?

    • Hebrew, English, Spanish and French

  • How long do sessions last?

    • Reflexology sessions- 1 hour

    • Energy/emotional healing sessions- 1.5 hours

    • Advanced sessions- 2+ hours

  • What are your hours?

    • Every day between 2:00 PM and 8:00 PM

  • What happens in a healing session?

    • Healing sessions include talk therapy and body work, which is most often healing touch. Occasionally there is work involving emotional release, breathing exercises, light yoga.

  • What is a healing touch?

    • It is a very soft, simple form of touch to help you feel contained. It is intuitive, and chakra based (meaning the touch is focused on the chakras that require more attention). This helps the system feel safe and recharged. It helps shift our subconscious and body from survival mode (sympathetic system) to rest mode (parasympathetic system).

  • Can we talk about the war? Can it help me with trauma?

    • Yes. A great deal of the trauma that is happening is stored in our bodies, our hearts and our minds, so somatic and cognitive therapy are both equally important. Every person is unique, so your struggles are unique and legitimate as well, no matter what they are or how they manifest.

  • What are the results of the healing sessions?

    • There are many layers to this question. The best measuring stick is the way you feel. Hopefully a session will be able to provide you with relief, clarity and insight. It will make you feel more connected and less lonely. For long term clients the goal is to acquire important tools and practices of transformation to experience life in depth, make aligned choices and remember the path to the heart.

  • Are you a masseuse? Do you offer massages in your healing sessions?

    • No

  • Do you work with nudity?

    • No, I work fully clothed.

  • Do you offer sex services?

    • No.

  • Can we talk about sex?

    • Yes, we can talk about anything.

“Ella is an exceptional therapist. She has the extraordinary capacity to see you, all of you, in the most inviting, loving and non-judgmental way. This allows for you to look at parts of yourself which you might not have fully embraced yet, allowing for healing to happen and and accept yourself more wholly, compassionate and self-lovingly. Whichever modality from Ella’s toolbox you choose, you will be pleasantly surprised by the changes you will notice in yourself, however subtle it might be."

Alexa Young, CA

Thank you for your message!

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